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Just a few recent testimonials from clients. Enjoy the read!

Caleb White.jpg


NBL1 American Import

I heard about Coach Glossop through a friend not long after i arrived in Perth. After a few weeks of debating on it, I randomly decided to take the trip to Myaree and workout with him. This workout turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made during my time in Perth. Not only did Jordan become a trainer, but he also became a brother, friend, and colleague. He’s given me just as much wisdom on the court as off the court; and when the time comes to turn the basketball switch off, we have just as fulfilling and productive conversations about life. I’m very happy to have connected with him and he is someone i for see myself having a strong relationship with for a very long time!

Coach Glossop Javion Blake


NBL1 American Import

My time with Coach Glossop was great both mentally and physically. Coach taught me the skills to be well stretched & game-ready through the workouts. He really locks into his players needs and doesn't just take clients through the same work, everything is really individualised. The results I noticed in my game after training was the ease and confidence I had in my game because I had already drilled it over and over again what I wanted to do on the court. Coach Glossop definitely made an impact on my professional career moving forward and I look forward to getting back in the lab again soon. Stay in the lab!



NBL1 American Import

Coach Glossop is genuine and he is dedicated to helping athletes develop their game! The first time I ever reached out to Coach Glossop and met him, he welcomed me with open arms.

Coach Glossop Jalen Billups


NZNBL / NBL1 American Import

Since working with Jordan I have become stronger and fitter. As a result of our work I am able to perform better and longer. He's pushed me to get better and helped me with my weaknesses. If you want to improve your body, your game and succeed, I urge you to get working with Jordan!

Coach Glossop Brian Sullivan


NBL1 American Import

Working with Jordan has been great for my performance. He's helped me to become quicker, stronger and more efficient in my movements. Everything Jordan does is designed to directly translate to production on the court. He takes care of his athletes and keeps things interesting as well!




The month my friends and I worked with Coach Glossop in California we learned so many new things, especially in regards to biomechanics. Even though some of the workouts were challenging it was well worth going through the process and learning the details. It was a blessing to be put through Coach Glossop's training, until this day I still follow the work he taught me! I will never forget the experience we shared with Jordan Lawley and the group.

Coach Glossop Mylo Mitchell


London NBL American Import

First off I want to say Coach Glossop is one of the most humble, genuine and selfless coaches I’ve ever met in my entire life. He didn’t know me at all when I first reached out to him and he took a chance by welcoming me into his domain and sanctuary, allowing me to grow not only as an athlete but as a human being. That’s the thing about when you workout with Coach Glossop; no matter where you are from, no matter what your ethnic background is, no matter if you are physically impaired, if you come to work with him he’s going to treat you all the same and push you to limits you never thought you had before. Me betting on myself and taking a chance with my life by moving across the world to pursue my dreams brought me more then I could have imagined!

My story alone caught Jordan’s attention and he saw a little bit of himself in me. During my time with Coach Glossop in Perth, I built lifetime bonds with people I wouldn’t have imagined meeting because of him; I want to thank him again for that from the bottom of my heart! I got so much better from the first time we started till present day, by adding my own work ethic to the principles he taught. He applies a lot of real scenarios and breaks down every aspect of your movement which helps you understand why certain things happen to you during play and what you need to do in order to improve.

I’ve also learned so much about life as a whole from Coach G. He talks about our journeys and the powers that bring us all together at this one specific moment in time. Uplifting one another and engaging our mind, body and soul goes a long way, especially while working out. He makes sure he gets you anything you need and sometimes doesn’t even eat because he’s grinding so much and so focused on his craft and the people he is helping on a daily basis!

Jordan isn’t perfect but no one ever will be that’s what makes us human. I've learned from Coach to embrace my flaws and use them as motivation to add fuel to the fire, harness that energy and focus it towards something I want to improve upon, take insecurities and weakness and turn them into strengths. They say that the one who always does more than they are paid to do, always wins in the end. I truly believe Coach G deserves everything that will come his way, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen him take a day off, even on his “day off” he is being the best father figure he could be! Whether it's on the court or off the court, whenever you meet Coach Glossop you will get 110% mind, body and soul every time, I can guarantee that! I am forever indebted and appreciative and glad I can call you family, my guy!


Coach Glossop Ngor Manyang



It’s an awesome experience working with Coach Glossop. This man is really about getting you better! He always pushes me to get more from my training. Apart from the workout, straight after it we always have great conversations about everything in life, stuff that builds a connection between an athlete and the trainer. Everything about Coach Glossop shows how greatly he values the people he works with!

Emma Gandini.jpg



I loved working with Coach Glossop throughout the 2019 SBL season. He always put in 110% to help me become the player I am today. He helped me become mentally and physically fit and strong. He always worked me hard and helped me train and play to the best of my ability. He is a great person and coach to work under!

Coach Glossop Harry Wessels


NBL1, WABL, State Program & Australian Institute of Sport

From the time I started working with Coach Glossop I have learnt a lot of valuable knowledge which I have used throughout my basketball journey. The main thing I have taken on is the importance of taking care of my body! Learning proper lifting mechanics, various stretches and warmups, periodisation for injury prevention and so much more. Everything Coach Glossop has taught me has become the foundation for my development.

After witnessing how much time and effort Coach Glossop puts into his craft, you can definitely tell that he’s not in this industry for personal gain, rather in it to truly help athletes reach their full potential. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with someone so passionate and hard working, and I look forward to training with Coach Glossop in the future.


Coach Glossop Will Comerford



Coach Glossop is a great guy who not only has a great interest in your training but importantly for you as a person. He constantly keeps me updated on his training programs and open runs, and is always quick to respond when I reach out to him. His open runs are second to none and he is in his own lane making a name for himself in Perth's basketball scene. I can vouch highly for Coach Glossop!

Coach Glossop Tayah Morgan


WABL & State Program

My experience working with Coach Glossop has been extremely beneficial. I’ve been working with Coach for 2 years now and have seen a massive improvement! Jordan is very friendly, committed, motivating and will always push you to help you get the results you want.

I noticed after working with Coach that my defence has greatly improved and it has also helped me with injury prevention. I love going and working with Jordan because he puts a lot of time and effort into his craft. He is passionate about his athletes and getting results. I love working with him and can’t wait to get back!


Coach Glossop Grace Foster


WABL & State Program

From the time I started training with Jordan in early 2019, he made me feel extremely welcome. No matter what level you are starting from, Jordan adapts the program to fit the person and then helps you achieve goals you didn’t think were possible. My strength, agility and mindset have all improved since working with Jordan. He is always interested in what else I am doing outside of the gym and was a huge help whilst coming back from my recent injury.

Coach Glossop Kiara Waite


WABL & State Program

I have been working with Jordan for over a year and he has such a great program that I’m so proud to be apart of. Not only has he guided me and provided results with my athleticism, he has also helped me to become a better player and a better person. From the very beginning with Coach Glossop I never felt nervous because he taught me how to focus my mindset on progression rather than stressing about fast, short term results.

I truly believe Coach Glossop's program is such a great start for anyone that hasn’t trained in a gym before. He doesn't start you off focusing on how heavy you can lift and injuring yourself in the process, instead he addresses your individual needs and focuses on correcting your techniques; that is what I love about his program!

When Covid 19 broke out it wasn’t like I had to stop absolutely everything, he kept sending me things to do at home, so when I do go back to Basketball I will still be in shape and not totally unfit; I really appreciated the support during this time!

I am definitely looking forward to the future, not only getting stronger and fitter but also gaining further self confidence with Coach Glossop!


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