England, United Kingdom


Columbus, United States

Working with Jordan has been great for my performance. He's helped me to become quicker, stronger and more efficient in my movements. Everything Jordan does is designed to directly translate to production on the court. He takes care of his athletes and keeps things interesting as well!


Ohio, United States

Since working with Jordan I have become stronger and fitter. As a result of our work I am able to perform better and longer. He's pushed me to get better and helped me with my weaknesses. If you want to improve your body, your game and succeed; I urge you to get working with Jordan!


Phoenix, United States

Having the opportunity to work alongside Coach Glossop this summer was an extremely influential experience. Especially from the perspective of an aspiring athlete and exercise science/strength and conditioning enthusiast. During my training with Jordan, not only did I become a better all round athlete, I became a more knowledgable and wiser individual in regard to the art of strength and conditioning.


Just by being in Jordan's presence, you start to understand the attention to detail and precision it takes to become one of the best in the industry. Jordan never left a stone unturned throughout my 8 week training camp, and was willing to do whatever it took to take my game to the next level. Jordan has very high standards and expectations and this demands you to step out of your comfort zone to raise yourself to his level.


A coach like Jordan definitely showcases the hard work and mentality it takes to excel as a strength and conditioning expert. He practices exactly what he preaches, and he prides himself in being able to keep up with all the incredible athletes he trains. It was an absolute pleasure to spend this summer working closely alongside him, and I would never turn down the opportunity to work with him again!


Birmingham, United Kingdom

Coach Glossop has truly dedicated himself to transforming me into the shape I am today. For me training isn't just about attending the gym a few times a week, it's a complete lifestyle choice! It includes the way you eat, train and think; and Jordan is an expert at helping his clients master this. Not only this, Jordan is a true gent and a pleasure to train with. I'd recommend Jordan to anyone who is looking for a full on lifestyle change!


Perth, Australia

I really enjoyed working with Jordan. I found him extremely knowledgeable! Every session had slight variations of exercises which kept me on my toes and was something I wasn't used to while working with other coaches. It was easy to be engaged, interested and challenged every session. I believe Coach Glossop's biggest point of difference is his personal interest in his athletes journeys, along with his continual search for knowledge and growth as a person and as a coach. I regard him as one of the best in the industry and would recommend him to anyone at any fitness level.


Birmingham, United Kingdom

I am very grateful to Jordan for the results I was able to achieve through his training sessions! He is very knowledgeable and I was always confident I was being provided with the best advice. I became a lot stronger and he significantly helped me to improve my posture. I always looked forward to his sessions as each week he would set me a new challenge and always pushed me to my limits. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is keen on achieving their goals!


Florida, United States

I started working online with Coach Glossop through his academy, with the desire to learn and grow as an athlete & trainer. I understood that I would receive a training program and nutrition outline. What I did not expect was the level of connection and personalisation I received. I went through a very detailed questionnaire, then I received a very detailed outline structure for my program including; movement preparation, rep ranges, various specific tempos to follow and more. To top it off I even got a video Skype call with Jordan and he answered all my questions. He tracked my progress and was able to answer any and all of my inquiries! The experience was very rewarding in so many ways and I am grateful for Jordan being an exceptional Coach.


England, United Kingdom

Having briefly met Jordan among other coaches in a group training environment he instantly stood out as a knowledgeable industry mentor. Having followed his content closely since then I decided to make a commitment to travel up to Birmingham to learn from a vastly experienced and well-traveled coach. 

As an inexperienced coach I left each session feeling more competent and confident which directly improved my coaching standards and my clients results and also exposed some of my knowledge gaps and technical faults. Jordan was able to communicate his experience and knowledge in a way that was easy to digest and I was constantly impressed with the attention to detail with regards to technique and movement.


I’ve found working with Coach Glossop an extremely influential experience and I think it's definitely accelerated my own personal development in a competitive industry.


Perth, Australia

I reached out to Jordan as i wanted to try a different method of training, something that would challenge me in all planes of movement and work on some of my weaknesses; and that’s exactly what i got in my first four week training block. I really enjoyed phase one and it definitely challenged me! I am now feeling stronger and a lot more coordinated. Bring on phase two!



I first found and followed Jordan's work via Instagram. I liked viewing his work due to the very similar training philosophies and at times I would seek inspiration to integrate into my own work. I came to learn that Jordan has been traveling around the world learning from the best coaches and that triggered something in my own mind. I then decided to follow the work of more coaches around the globe to learn more and get an insight into their world.


Then this summer I finally had the chance to travel to Birmingham, United Kingdom from my hometown Spain and train with Coach Glossop. The time I spent with Jordan was awesome! I had an idea of what I wanted to learn, but I didn't expect to receive the amount of knowledge I did in such a short period of time. During the four sessions I spent with Jordan I was able to learn about, programming methodologies, strength training, olympic lifting and sport specific conditioning.


I loved every moment of my time at Velocity Training Club with Jordan! He spent more time training with me than I had expected and yet it still felt too short as Jordan has a wealth of information to share. Thankful for your time Jordan and it was a pleasure to finally meet you!


Wales, United Kingdom

It was a real pleasure to have Coach Glossop come to our studio to present his seminar and pass on his knowledge and experience in the industry. As I am pretty new in the industry compared to most trainers, I took so much from meeting Jordan and what he taught throughout the day. I'm grateful to now be using the methods Jordan taught us with my own clients! Self development is the best development. Never get content in what you do, there is always something new to learn and ways to better your knowledge.


London, United Kingdom

My experience with Coach Glossop was an enlightenment. As a coach myself I came with an open mind, willing to learn his craft and technical based exercises. After two days of vigorous training, I felt like a professional athlete. I feel that Jordan got the best out of me as an athlete, even though I am not one. That's what impressed me the most. As a coach I was able to learn new training methods and techniques all whilst training at the intensity for professional athletes.


London, United Kingdom

The training is very professional and I find every single one of my sessions very productive. I always learn a lot and get pushed to the limit in my training sessions. I am tested each and every time and manage to achieve more than I can believe. I travel from London to Birmingham for each of my training sessions and the trip is always worth the journey!


Peterborough, United Kingdom

⁠I drive just over two hours to attend my training sessions with Jordan, but the service he provides is always worth every single minute of the journey. Jordan has fantastic knowledge and insight into all aspects of training. He also provides a lot of support outside of our training sessions with programming, images and videos. Highly recommend to anyone, regardless of your training ability or goals.


I've had the pleasure of training with Coach Glossop for almost 6 months now and I can certainly say it has been one of the best things I have ever done! He quickly identified my goals & targets, made me believe in myself, and gave me loads more confidence in the gym.


It isn't just the gym where Coach Glossop's influence has helped me; he consistently motivates me to succeed in whatever it is I am doing; and has given me a winners mentality. I play competitive hockey and in the past 6 months, my performance levels have increased dramatically.


This has all been down to Coach Glossop's ability to adapt and tailor a program to the specific needs of an individual. We have done sessions where Coach Glossop has recreated real in-game scenarios to test my reflexes and skills whilst also establishing how to take them to the next level.


The one thing however that really stands out about Coach Glossop is his ability to get the best out of you whilst still ensuring sessions are fun. I believe this is down to the mass volume of knowledge which he has built up over the years. I have been confident enough to do exercises that I would of never dreamt of, all thanks to Coach Glossop. One of the very few trainers where the results & work speak for themselves!


Birmingham, United Kingdom

After training with Jordan for seven weeks, with his guidance and patience, I can already see amazing results and a big difference in every area of my body that I wanted to improve. Within these seven weeks I have lost twelve pounds from my body weight and dropped seven percent in body fat.


I am feeling stronger and leaner than I have in a long time. Jordan's knowledge in nutrition and training has helped me achieve the exact results that I wanted. He has constantly given me the external support that I have needed for quite some time. I can't thank him enough for the help and support he has given me and I can definitely recommend him to others.


Birmingham, United Kingdom

I first met Jordan when he came to the UK a year ago. The first day I met him I knew we clicked. I had nothing but respect for him; leaving the beautiful shores of Perth Australia to help others pursue their dreams in Birmingham. He absolutely loves what he does, that is why he is so successful!

I jumped at the chance to work with Jordan as I knew how much drive and ambition he had. He designed a 12 week program for me and we worked step by step through it. I needed the boost in my life, both mentally & physically. At the time I'd signed up to run a marathon in Madrid Spain, Jordan took that on board and adapted our session's to help me prepare for it. I have never felt so good!

For myself it wasn't just the hour long sessions, it was the help with nutrition, motivation, training & lifestyle changes. When it was getting tough Jordan was there on the end of the phone or at the gym. 
I recommend Jordan to anyone who wants to transform their lives, get fit and healthy. He changed my whole outlook on life, his own experiences have benefited so many others and continue to do so.


Birmingham, United Kingdom

I have never had personal training sessions before but I knew from watching Jordan's sessions with other clients and his dedication to his craft that I could learn a lot, so I signed up to a 12 week program. Each week I was set a new challenge, from learning new compound moves to WOD challenges, to setting PB's. His knowledge is second to none, he really helped improve my form, and pushed me to work harder at times when I was at my limit. Highly recommend Jordan to anyone and will be signing up for more sessions with Coach Glossop soon!


Birmingham, United Kingdom

Wasted time is like wasted money and I don't like to waste either as both are very valuable! Training with Coach Glossop is worth every minute and penny, as not only does he deliver and exceed the results required but he also goes that extra mile to help you along your journey of fitness and wellbeing.


Birmingham, United Kingdom

It's been an absolute pleasure training with Jordan. He's pushed me to my limits and helped me achieve results that I've always wanted. He never stops, even demanding several food photos a day with harsh penalties such as burpees if I don't send the photos in. Jordan is constantly there for help, support and guidance in every possible way, and I'm looking forward to starting the next chapter of training with him now!


Birmingham, United Kingdom

If anyone tells you it's going to be an easy journey, they're lying! But what I will tell you is that with Coach Glossop he will be there every step of the way to shoo away those procrastination demons! You take the first step and the rest he will take with you!


Sydney, Australia

Up at 4:45am today before flying home, just enough time to squeeze in a session with Coach Glossop at Furture Fit Studios. Been following this guy for a while and we were both stoked that we could get some time in together.

Was humbled to listen, apply and hopefully soon teach what I learnt from his wealth of knowledge. Definitely recommend Jordan as his approach to technique, training the specifics, strengthening your weaknesses and making you the best that you can be is second to none.


Perth, Australia

I have played different sports at high levels all my life. These sports don't only require skill, they require strength and conditioning. I have had many S&C coaches throughout my time and now I have only realised they had never taken the time to show me proper techniques or really assess me individually and help me in sport specific training.


After being sidelined mid season of the Ladies Gridiron League due to injury and illness at the end of 2015/beginning of 2016, I decided that I was going to get stuck into building my body back from the ground up. This is where Coach Glossop stepped in at just the right time and he has certainly proved to have helped me with that in such a short time.


I couldn't be more grateful or appreciative of Coach Glossop. He has spent the first three weeks of my training teaching me proper techniques, proper movements and introduced variety into my program. I am treated as an individual and more importantly as an elite athlete and he is dedicated to make me the best athlete I can be.


The knowledge that he has obtained through training himself with international coaches is impeccable. He continues to push me to my limits which is exactly what I am after in my training together with building my body to where we both know it can go. I am always pumped for the next session! I couldn't be happier with Coach Glossop as my coach, he is a true legend.


Perth, Australia

Can not thank Jordan enough for everything he has done. His nutritional program has kept me on track and focused. It is still early days and I am not at my end goal just yet but like anything it takes time, hard work and consistency. Results will continue as I stick to the plan and for now I am feeling stronger than ever, a lot more energetic, less bloated, performing better at training and hitting personal bests.

My vision now is focused on progress in my fitness rather than on appearance or being a certain size. I am slowly getting the results that come after hard work, but it doesn't feel like hard work when I'm enjoying it.

I've noticed by focusing on my performance in the gym and fuelling my body correctly, the results begin to show up before you know it.


Perth, Australia

I had been following Jordan's journey for quite a while, and always felt that a lot of his posts really resonated with me.


I love his style and it's always so inspiring seeing him do what he does, with so much drive, dedication and commitment to bringing the best athletic performance to Perth.


I approached him at the start of the year, needing a bit of guidance as I started to take on my own business. Jordan was happy to take me under his wing and not only did he pass on so much information, he was willing to share and help me grow.


It's hard to find people in the industry that are as humble and as willing to help build up others as much as himself. If you need any mentoring, training or consulting for your own business, Jordan is the guy.


Adelaide, Australia

As a current Personal Trainer and aspiring strength and conditioning coach in Adelaide, South Australia; I sought out Coach Glossop for professional mentoring. Jordan is a true professional, and has a wealth of knowledge to share from his own learning and mentorship experiences.


What drew me to Coach Glossop were his experience working face to face with athletes and his skills and knowledge passed down from leading Australian and International fitness industry professionals. Together with Jordan's help we really clarified the direction I wanted to go as a Professional.


We looked at my current business structure and services and Jordan encouraged me to make some immediate decisions about how I positioned myself as a coach and trainer. He was able to pass on alot of valuable information about training methods, guide me towards the appropriate certifications to pursue, online presence and many other factors that have made me a better Coach today.


Coach Glossop is the coach you want in your corner as a mentor because Jordan is always stepping his game up in all facets and surrounds himself with quality people. He is honest, inspiring and I am very appreciative and grateful for his coaching and on-going support.


Perth, Australia

In the short time I’ve been training with Jordan I have regained the motivation i had been lacking. He has helped me reignite that passion to find a better me. Not only does he coach you and push you to new limits every day, he makes sure you understand the reason why and the methodology behind everything you do!


His passion and willingness to put it all out there is inspiring. Coach Glossop has helped me to believe in myself again, and believe i can reach new heights in my sport, beach volleyball. An athelte and coach should both believe they can achieve the plan, and myself and Coach Glossop certainly have that bond. He is always willing to spend his own time to explain the process so you can stay motivated.


Jordan is there each day to ensure you are on track. In training he pays great attention to detail in regards to correct, effective technique and execution. This is something i need and want when i’m training. Every session has had something different but it has all been tailored specifically to me, which is something i haven’t had before. Jordan's passion for sport and willingness to continually educate himself as a coach allows him to improve as you do. This is why i believe he is so passionate about your training.


Not only is he a great coach but he’s a top bloke and someone who makes you feel comfortable to push yourself and be vulnerable, and i can’t thank him enough for that. I already feel differences in my level of fitness and can’t wait to see the finished product after a full off season! Bring it on.


Perth, Australia

After training with Coach Glossop for over 10 weeks, I have gained so much knowledge on training, nutrition and how to manage your body in order to keep it injury free and 100%.


His positive mind set and constant drive to help each and every one of his clients achieve their goals is second to none. I would highly recommend Coach Glossop to anyone lost with their training and in need of guidance to help achieve their goals.


Perth, Australia

I was intially referred to Jordan's work in strength training and conditioning through a mutual friend of ours. As I am not based in the Perth, I was looking for a remote training coach who could get results. Pleased with our initial consult, I took on the challenge of one of his 12 week strength training programs along with a nutrional guideline.


The results were fantastic! Although it took an immense amount of initial determination and self-discipline training remotely, Jordan's program along with his knowledge and constant feedback, helped me drop from 88kg to a leaner and much stronger 79kg (even though weightloss was not a primary goal, bonus!).


He showed me how to optimise my techniques across all of my compound movements, which allowed me to see 50% strength increases for all movements within 12 weeks. I became stronger than ever in such a short amount of time, achieving above 100kg lifts for deadlifts, squats and bench.


Not only has Jordan's program, nutrition guidelines and support helped me in the short term, but it has paved the way for a much more permanent change in everyday nutrition, training, emotional strength, mental clarity and life full stop. Cheers Jordan, keep up the great work mate. I'll be back for round two.


Perth, Australia

Jordan is one in a million when it comes to a coach with a passion and mission to help others. I have had the pleasure of working with him from both ends; me working on improving his body through movement reconditioning & him helping me with my own training technique.

It is always great working with Jordan as he is so interested in learning more & more about ways to improve his performance and understand the why with regards to the restrictions that are present within him. This allows him to bring this information on to help his own clients and continue to expand their awareness of how they move.

It has been amazing to play a part in the transformation of Jordan and seeing him go from strength to strength. If I have any questions or issues with any of my clients training, Jordan will be my go-to coach to help direct me in the right direction.


Perth, Australia

Training with Coach Glossop and his brother Adam decreased my time spent off court after badly injuring my ankle midway through the season. They researched my injury and had me doing specific exercises to increase my stability, range of motion and strength.


A month ago I dislocated my left shoulder while snowboarding. If it wasn't for my training before hand, both doctors and physios said the damage to my tendons and ligaments would have been a lot worse. I was able to play just two weeks after sustaining that injury thanks to the two brothers.


Perth, Australia

The thing that strikes you immediately when you meet and train with Coach Glossop for the first time and every subsequent sessions is his enthusiasm, ever growing knowledge and attention to detail. His specialised training methods help get the most out of you, both physically and mentally. Through my sessions with Jordan I’ve managed to push through previous barriers and accomplished new personal best performances.


Together with Coach Glossop I have achieved the goals we set out toward, whilst staying motivated and entertained by the fresh new training sessions each week. I never know exactly what the next month is going to present as Coach Glossop develops the next chapter of my training. I love how Jordan is just as enthusiastic as I am to get started at training, definitely a rarity.


Auckland, New Zealand

I recently undertook my ASCA Level One Strength and Conditioning Coach accreditation, this involves some practical hours. I chose Jordan to do this with, he has such an awesome outlook and an admirable passion for training.


Actions speak louder than words with Jordan, and having him take the time out of his busy schedule to help those getting into the industry says a lot. He has a solid knowledge base and it can only get better. What I took away from my practical hours with him was highly valuable and I'm very appreciative of this. I would highly recommend Coach Glossop.


Perth, Australia

From Jordan's guidance and mentoring I am back doing what I love, coaching others! I am grateful to have Coach Glossop in my corner and thankful for everything he's done.


Perth, Australia

I have never met a more professional, positive, enthusiastic or dedicated person than Coach Glossop. His commitment to mastering his craft and going above and beyond as a Coach is inspirational. Jordan leads by example, and is a source of motivation for me through his outstanding work ethic, and attention to detail in all he does. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Coach Jordan for the best part of a year, after joining the family at Future Fit.


The decision to join came on the back of several health issues arising from poor lifestyle choices, coupled with several injuries from previous years of competitive swimming. This is where I first met Coach G, and I haven’t looked back since! Jordan took the time to sit down with me and explain the many aspects of training and nutrition that would allow me to achieve my goals, in a simple, considered and clear cut manner.


It is clearly evident that Jordan has a wealth of knowledge and experience that is the core of his advice, and I was more than happy to take on everything recommended and put faith in his methods. In addition to this, Jordan also seamlessly integrated variations to accommodate my injury concerns, and then individually assisted me to develop functional strength in the areas I needed most to stop those injuries setting me back going forward. This is exemplary of Jordan’s willingness to go above and beyond, and a reflection of his professionalism.


Physically I have learnt an enormous amount from Jordan in a relatively short time period about the technique involved in functional movements in strength training. Jordan’s attention to detail shines through here, and has helped me develop the core knowledge and physical awareness that has led to setting PB’s beyond what I had struggled with for years.


Jordan’s training goes beyond the physical exertion in the gym. Jordan has helped me understand the mental aspects of training, developing the right attitudes and approach to training that boost your efforts and allow you to achieve beyond what you thought capable. Not only am I fitter and stronger through Jordan’s training, but I also feel infinitely more positive and capable of achieving whatever it is I set my mind to. This change in perspective goes beyond the gym to everyday life, and for that I am very thankful.


In terms of progress since meeting Jordan, so far I have stripped 5.5kgs of fat through his nutritional recommendations, while also adding 20kg to my Bench Press, and lifting 40kg more than I had ever previously attempted doing Deadlifts. I look forward to continuing to smash goals with Coach G. I am proud to call him my Coach and friend, and cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks Coach.


Perth, Australia

I have been in and out of gyms since I was 17, but I would always lose interest and motivation. Then I discovered the gym Coach Glossop owned and he has been training me since January 2014 and in just 5 months, I've already seen massive changes in not only my strength but my body composition as well.


Jordan keeps you motivated, he encourages you to set and achieve goals, he creates a positive and friendly environment to work out in, and I can honestly say I've never enjoyed anything as much as my coaching.


Perth, Australia

I have been working on a personalised strength program written by Jordan for the last couple of months but before that have also had the pleasure and privilege of working with Jordan within strength classes at Future Fit which is where my love of lifting began! I have come a long way in my training and Jordan's passion, expertise, support and guidance is second to none.


Working on a personalised program was exactly what I needed, I reached a stage in my training where I need direction and wanted to be working towards goaIs and that is exactly what Jordan has provided for me. Regardless of what your fitness goals are I have no doubt that Jordan can get you there. As I get closer and closer to my first set of goals I realise that nothing is impossible you just need to want it bad enough.


I feel lucky to have him onside and look forward to seeing what we can do in the future. Thanks Coach.


Perth, Australia

I have had the pleasure of working with Jordan on numerous occasions and every session I walk away with a smile on my face and a new bag of tricks to get me closer to my goals. Jordan is one of those very rare coaches who walks his talk and his results, both personal and of clients, speak for themselves. Jordan is so passionate about coaching and this shows in his endless knowledge and enthusiasm when in the gym.


I honestly couldn't recommend Jordan highly enough. In a world where every man and his dog is a personal trainer, trying to find the diamonds in the rough is quite often more of an ordeal than actually getting the results in the gym. Luckily you are reading this and have found a very special coach! Thanks for all of your help and inspiration Jordan. Keep inspiring and changing lives mate.


Perth, Australia

If you’ve been working out for a while, and despite your best efforts just cant seem to overcome your strength plateaus, I would highly recommend training with Jordan.


In just 2 sessions of working with him, he helped me to correct my form in back squats, front squats, bench press and pull ups. In all movements I gained an instant boost in strength, simply by performing the exercise accurately and as they were intended.

For example on the following week of training with Jordan I was performing bench press, and by using Jordans techniques my Bench had gone up 10kgs! I was so stoked because for the last 6 months I had completely plateaued and in 2 sessions with Jordan I broken that plateau Thinking about it now I still cant believe it!


In conclusion, Jordan is the guy you want to see even when you think you know all you need to know about training. He will take you for a session and as nicely and professionally as possible, show you how to take your training to the next level.


Book a session, you wont be disappointed.


Perth, Australia

I have always been pretty active within the sports arena for most of my life. From rugby union to boxing in the military. When 46 years caught up with me I started feeling all the old sport and military injuries I had picked up along the way. I have had two lower back surgeries and I have major bullet wounds to both my legs. I found it really difficult to train as hard as I would have liked to and as often as I desired.


When I relocated from Sydney to Perth I tried out a couple of the gyms north of the river and I trained regularly. When Future Fit Studios opened up I joined and that is when I met Coach Glossop and my fitness regime went to a whole new level. We have spent approximately 18 months focusing on strength and conditioning, as well as focusing on technique and form.


I essentially had to start from scratch again when I recently commenced Coach Glossop's 12 week training plan. It is by far the most comprehensive and holistic training schedule I have ever taken. I feel great, think I look pretty good (lol) and I can train and compete with guys half my age.


I want to train as hard as I can for as long as I can! I know by following Coach Glossop's advice and instruction that this is possible for me. Thanks Coach for your passion, dedication and sincere approach to my wellbeing.


Perth, Australia

I have been training within the Crossfit world for approximately 8 years now but have found myself, mostly within the last year or so, very prone to injury and at a constant plateau in regards to my progress. I found that I began finding reasons not to train consistently and although I trained hard when I did train, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted due to my inconsistent training methods.

As a result, I began to think about what is best for me right now, whether it was actually Crossfit or whether it was me focussing on building my strength and focussing on the targeted areas that I want to improve. I knew I didn’t want to move into training that I consider to be boring and repetitive because I am the kind of person that will not commit to something if this is how I feel. This led me to Coach Glossop.

I have been following programming by Coach Glossop for just over 2 weeks now and have really enjoyed it so far. I have pushed myself to follow the program exactly as it has been written, which includes 5km runs and 3km rows (disgusting!) and I am really feeling positive moving into my next block of programming. In two and a bit weeks, I’ve learnt a variety of new movements (hello my true loves, low bar back squats, hurdles and banded sprints) and refined the movements I previously thought I knew pretty well.


The majority of the program I have thoroughly enjoyed and I am attempting to make peace with running and rowing but we’ll see if this is an achievable feat or not over the upcoming weeks. I haven’t changed my diet at this point of time (although a great guideline was provided to me by Coach Glossop) as I wanted to focus primarily on learning new technique and skills for the first two weeks however I will be looking into making some much needed changes in order to gain my best results from my program.


I have seen some results so far, nothing major yet as I am only two weeks in but I am really excited for what results I achieve from the next 8 weeks of my program with the hard work I am putting in. I'm not training excessively, if I am tired i will rest but if I feel good, I will train.


I am lucky enough to not only have the Coach Glossop programming to follow but also the ability to train around those who are also following his training methodology and seeing great results on their end. Bring on further training and I look forward to being able to update my testimonial with further positive feedback.


Perth, Australia

I like Jordan’s style of training. It isn’t based on any one aspect of weightlifting, body building or powerlifting. It takes aspects of each one. I like this idea as it makes you well rounded, or athletic. His training develops your body into the most coordinated, athletic, agile and strongest version of yourself.


One conversation I had with Jordan strikes a chord when someone asks if he is a good trainer:


Jordan: “How are you going with your weighted chin-ups?”

Me:  “Not good at all man”

Jordan: “How often you doing them?

Me: “Once a week”


He then told me that if I wanted to improve to do them every day, every session, and to keep doing them until I can do them.


This caused a mental shift for me and since then I have been getting fitter and faster. His dedication is inspiring.


Perth, Australia

I have been a member of a few different gyms in my time and have had a few different coaches. By far, coach Glossop is the best and most knowledgable coach i have had.


His knowledge in strength, muscle gain and how the body works is on another level. He has created a training and diet plan specifically suited to what he believed needed to increase muscle and strength and the results have been outstanding.


I would recommend Jordan to anyone that is looking to change their lifestyle for the better. He is an amazing coach and you will get the results you are looking for if you follow what he says.


Perth, Australia

Coach Glossop was recommended to me by a mutual friend and it was both a definitive and positive turning point in my training approach. It was immediately apparent that Jordan is a coach that has a very effective holistic approach to training his clients in the areas of strength, conditioning, flexibility, mobility and functional movement.


After only 12 weeks of training with Coach Glossop I have seen and felt more improvement in my physical and mental condition than ever before. And the enjoyment that comes from achieving physical and lifestyle goals with Jordan's encouragement and support while being inspired and educated by him is hugely satisfying. I am excited to continue to push my personal limits and achieve greater improvement with Coach Glossop.


Perth, Australia

When i started training with Coach Glossop, he quickly identified my strengths & weaknesses. With his knowledge, passion and my past injuries, Jordan custom designed a training program that has made it possible to achieve my goals.  He doesn't fail to consistently motivate me to prove to myself that I can even exceed my own expectations.


Perth, Australia

I have never been one to exercise or properly care for myself and this is pretty evident in my frame. As a result of this I am not very confident, especially around gyms and fit people. I became a pro at making excuses not to push myself outside of my comfort zone.


Then along came Jordan. He has helped me immensely, not just in learning correct posture, balance and conditioning my body to be athletic after a lifetime of lethargy but also in building my mental strength and stamina. In the few months I have been training I have noticed changes in my body and the way it moves that makes me feel like the healthy body I want is possible.


I have also changed in my approach to life and all things health and fitness and I am starting to care more about myself. These changes are all down to a fantastic Coach, with a passion for what he does and a wealth of knowledge that he is more than happy to share, who strives to understand my individual needs and the best way he can help me achieve my goals.


Coach Jordan goes above and beyond by investing himself completely, my goals are his goals and he makes it obvious how much he wants me to succeed by encouraging me even on my non-gym days and especially the days when I don't want to workout. My journey is still a long way off the finish line but I know Coach Jordan will be supporting and cheering me on the whole way.


Perth, Australia

My catalyst for beginning training with Coach Glossop was chronic ongoing back, neck and shoulder issues which conventional therapies were not helping. Pain and painkillers had become a part of my day to day life with little light at the end of the tunnel.


January 2016 I knew things needed to change and I took the huge step to meet with Jordan. His easy going, friendly personality immediately created a relaxed comfortable atmosphere in a setting I was not at all used too. Jordan took the time to get to know me and my issue creating an exercise program to address my problems and posture. He consulted other colleagues and medical professionals to ensure he was bridging the gap between conventional therapy and exercise.


Jordan uses a holistic approach incorporating flexibility, strength, posture, balance, endurance along with promoting a healthy nutrition and supplement plan. Fast forward three months and I am now exercising 6 days a week, pain free and my balance, strength and movement has improved out of sight. Coach Glossop places high value on correct form, explains the benefits of each exercise and motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get great results.


Coach Glossop is an outstanding master of his craft who embodies change and embraces learning. I cannot thank him enough for creating such a positive change in my life!


Perth, Australia

Like many others I have been a member of other gyms, contracted and the 24/7 ones, trained with "qualified" trainers and was also victim to the internet downloaded/ youtube training programs. Training with Jordan aka Coach Glossop, I have gained an understanding of the proper form and technique of strength training, which I was not privvy to at previous facilities.


Jordan's dedication to his clients, understanding of their needs and goals and also his ongoing quest to better himself in what he clearly loves doing is not only a credit to himself but also to the fitness industry. Every training sessions with Coach Glossop is challenging and varied, from his array of "Snapback caps", socks and music selection to his group sessions, individulised programmes and one on one sessions.


Jordan is encouraging and an inspiration, always willing to share his knowledge and skills to make you a better you.


Perth, Australia

Starting my training with Coach Glossop has been a great move for my future. He has been nothing short of encouraging, supportive and inspiring.


Coach provides you with the foundations to mentally and physically condition the mind and body. I couldn't imagine working with anyone else to help me reach my goal. I don't only consider Jordan as my coach but also as a mate and a role model. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me following his regime.


Perth, Austrlia

Training with Coach Glossop has helped me reach goals I never thought I could achieve. In a supportive setting, he goes the extra mile to make sure you achieve and maintain your results. I wouldn't be where I am today without Jordan and his invaluable guidance. He's not only given me a better body but also a happier more confident version of myself. Could not recommended him enough.


Perth, Australia

The first time I met with Coach Glossop, I knew I was dealing with someone extremely passionate and driven. Jordan has put so much time and effort into coaching and guiding me along the way. He has helped me achieve amazing results in such a short period of time.


He is the only trainer I have ever met that has used his personal time to custom tailor a program to suit me and my passion for powerlifting, olympic lifting and body building combined. The programming is ever evolving as my strength and skill level progresses. His knowledge of the body and mobility has been invaluable due to my history of injuries from sport. His work on my flexibility alone has made my squat 1RM double in less than 3 months.


I have spent over 10 years going to the gym but have never stuck with it for long periods of time. Coach Glossop has helped me find that determination and is always there to pick me up when I feel like quitting. Not only a great coach, but to me now a great mate also. Couldn't recommend him enough.



Prior to starting my new program designed uniquely for me by coach glossop I had been training for a few years. However, I had hit a slump, struggled to find the motivation to train with the right intensity and found it hard to strive towards my goals.


I contacted Jordan online and asked him to write me a program to help me get stronger and lose weight. I've just completed my first week of his customised program and I feel like I have pushed my body to the right limit each and every session.


I eagerly look forward to completing the rest of my 12 week program and seeing the great results I've been looking for.


Perth, Australia

Training with Coach Glossop is always a pleasant, yet tough experience. Through various sessions I have learnt so much about strength training, and increased my strength beyond what I could have ever imagined. The atmosphere during his sessions is like no other, a coach who is genuinely interested in your goals, who wants to see you succeed and help push you through the last set, and out of your comfort zone. Thanks Coach Glossop.


Perth, Australia

Coach Glossop helped me achieve goals beyond what I thought was possible. Through expert technical advice, taking the time to listen and personalize the training, and constantly supplying his positive energy to every coached lift, and to the whole gym at large. Connect while you still can, because Jordan is on his way to becoming one of Australia's top fitness coaches.


Perth, Australia

I have always been an active guy. Playing sport a few days a week and getting out on the weekends. I used to joke about making myself a shirt that said " I'm pretty fit for a fat guy". I wouldn't say I'm alone in saying that most guys usually put on a couple of kilos once they are married and then maybe a couple more kilos once they start making a family. I used to say I'll start looking after myself next week. Well weeks turn into months and months into years.


Then I was introduced to Coach Glossop and ran out of excuses. The timing was right to make life changes and I don't think I would have done it without the genuine encouragement and passion of Coach Glossop. He finds out your history and your goals and can make workouts that are not only fun (and exhausting) but are specifically catered to your body and your goals. Each workout is different and keeps me interested and I am learning so much each training session.


With the support and knowledge I have now dropped under 100kg (somewhere I haven't been for at least 6 years) and will continue to keep losing weight and increase strength.


Perth, Australia

From the first time I stepped into Coach Glossops facility, I knew that I had found a place to train, to be pushed and to be motivated. As a working Mum, with 4 children, finding the motivation to train was hard at times. Now I can’t wait to get to the gym and train with Coach Glossop. On the days I am mentally drained Jordan has the ability get me lifting and pushing myself above and beyond my expectations.


Jordan is passionate about fitness and helping his clients reach their goals. Our successes are personal to him, and this is what sets him apart from other trainers. Coach Glossop creates a great team environment, and if you are looking for a trainer and mentor, Jordan is the best around.


Perth, Australia

After multiple football and basketball injuries I knew I needed to put some muscle on my lean frame. I'd always wanted to join a gym and increase my strength. Following multiple failed attempts at gyms, trying to train myself, I met and started training with Jordan. And that's the difference I feel like Im training with him and not by him. Focused on form and achieving my desired outcomes I'm always looking forward to our next training session.


Perth, Australia

I started training with Coach Glossop following a recommendation from a friend. I had lost my Mojo and love of fitness because of my ongoing injuries. Thanks to Jordan I have now regained my enthusiasm for getting fit and healthy. I have also have learnt to work around my injuries through his knowledge and dedication to me as his client.


I am treated as an individual and a friend. My training is personalised to suit my weaknesses and strengths. He pushes me beyond what I thought I could  ever achieve! He never gives up on you even when you want to give up on yourself. He is and continues to be the best investment in my long term health and fitness goals.