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Coach Jordan Glossop Seminar


Hear what others had to say about their experience at Coach Glossop's Seminar! Jordan has taken his seminar and philosophies to over 8 cities around the world and helped dozens of students to adopt his principles and methodologies. During covid Jordan hasn't been able to travel and conduct his seminars but once things clear up in that respect he will be back on the road teaching his work again. In the meantime if you would like to learn from Jordan you can do remote online mentoring with him!


Bilbao, Spain

Getting to know Jordan and learning from him was a great experience. Personally, I think he is a very intelligent person who thinks and argues all that he exposes, and that for me is very important. Great motivator. Highly recommended his seminar!


England, United Kingdom

Attending Coach Glossop’s seminar gave me better understanding on how to move forward from both a coaching and business perspective. I left the event motivated with a list of easy to action steps and a better long term strategy specific to my own goals.


Bilbao, Spain

I have known Jordan for a year and I have shared trainings and certifications with him across the globe. Having him in my city and learning more from him was awesome. He is one of the top coaches around the world and I can only thank him for sharing everything he knows!


Hamptons, New York City

For anyone looking to attend one of Coach Glossop's seminars, I could not recommend them enough! Jordan is a world class coach and he will be sharing his experiences and methods in this seminar. Jordan's passion for the industry is to be admired as he has travelled around the globe to educate himself from the coaches around!


England, United Kingdom

Anyone interested in exercise, pursuing a career in strength and conditioning or personal training should definitely reach out to Coach Glossop and attend one of his seminars. Jordan is one of the most knowledgeable, hard working and inspirational coaches you will meet. He has a very original path into the industry and a very unique approach. Could not recommend one of Jordan's seminars enough!


Newport, Wales

Ever since I visited Coach Glossop at Velocity Training Club I’ve been following his work and life. Even just simply following him social media I learnt a whole bunch of knowledge which helped me develop as a trainer. So when I saw he was coming to Wales for his seminar I simply had to be there!


I wanted to learn from the best and take away his knowledge with me. I believe many trainer tend to keep their knowledge to themselves, however Jordan loves sharing his knowledge. Jordan covered every aspect that I was looking for help on, explained each section in detail and broke it down into manageable pieces. I learnt so much from the practical section alone!

After Jordan’s seminar I was eager to put his knowledge to use in my own work. I felt inspired and extremely excited for my future. I urge anyone who is considering attending one of his seminars to go! I have definitely learnt from the best and I’m sure I will continue to do so!


Bilbao, Spain

Coach Glossop’s seminar in Bilbao, Spain was a success. Jordan touched on very interesting subjects, training methods and techniques. It gave me a great international perspective, cleared up a number of items I needed to improve on in my coaching and gave me plenty of new material to work with.


The manner in which Jordan delivers his seminar is admirable and you can tell he lives the life of a devoted coach. I highly recommend Jordan’s seminar to any coach wanting to improve themselves.


England, United Kingdom

There are a lot of trainers that over complicate things, only share a portion of their knowledge and keep a lot of things to themselves. Jordan is the complete opposite to those! During his seminar it was very evident he loves sharing everything he can to make the right positive changes in the fitness industry. He also breaks down complex knowledge into understandable information.


Bilbao, Spain

I’ve been following Coach Glossop for a long time and when I saw he was coming to Spain I didn’t hesitate to book my ticket and travel from afar to attend his seminar. The day was awesome, full of knowledge bombs and delivered in a real, humble manner. I highly recommend his seminar if you want to evolve in this industry!


Wales, United Kingdom

It was a real pleasure to have Coach Glossop come to our studio to present his seminar and pass on his knowledge and experience in the industry. As I am pretty new in the industry compared to most trainers, I took so much from meeting Jordan and what he taught throughout the day. I'm grateful to now be using the methods Jordan taught us with my own clients! Self development is the best development. Never get content in what you do, there is always something new to learn and ways to better your knowledge.


Perth, Australia

Coach Glossop's seminar gave me confidence, motivation and knowledge. Jordan has so much knowledge and backs up what he says with personal experience. It shows why he is one of the top coaches in the industry! I recommend his seminar to any other coaches out there and I’m grateful to Jordan for sharing his knowledge.


Bilbao, Spain

Jordan mentioned in his seminar “to be the best, you have to learn from the best” and that is exactly why I attended his seminar. Jordan is one of the best trainers already and yet he is still putting major effort to continue improving. The seminar is full of technical details and well gathered information for the students to learn from. I highly recommend Coach Glossop’s seminar.


England, United Kingdom

Having followed Coach Glossop for a long time it was a privilege to meet him in person and attend his seminar. He is the breath of fresh air that this industry needed.


Having been an athlete my whole life I am relatively new to the industry from a coaches perspective. I learnt more from Coach Glossop in one day than I have from others over months. He strives to educate everyone in the correct way and focuses on promoting this, rather than himself.


His passion is displayed through his constant effort to improve on his craft and to help everyone else in the industry along the way. I hope to be half the coach that Jordan is and I can’t thank him enough for motivating me further in becoming a better athlete, coach, person and to live a better lifestyle.


What sets him apart from others is the drive and ambition he instils in his clients to enable them to reach their goals. He takes their results personally! I highly recommend Jordan’s seminar wether you are an athlete, coach, new to the industry or if you just want to learn more!


England, United Kingdom

Doing Coach Glossop's seminar was extremely valuable and motivational in many ways. The content that he delivered was interesting, well put together and included loads of knowledgeable bombs. It was also was a really good motivational boost for me because I could bring Jordan's knowledge quickly and easily into my own work and over to my clients. His enthusiasm and desire for each and every person to learn from the day is unmatched. It was a real pleasure to be there, sat down in the room, listening and absorbing all of his knowledge. I highly recommend Coach Glossop's one day seminar to anyone who is serious about learning and looking to improve their coaching business!


Bilbao, Spain

In my opinion it was an incredible seminar and we learned many different aspects of training. I can also say that it was a very practical class with lots of knowledge we can apply straight into our daily coaching. In summary, I am very happy with what I learned throughout the day, and lastly I would like to highlight the professionalism and vast range of knowledge Coach Glossop shares!


England, United Kingdom

Attending Coach Glossop’s seminar is the best thing I have done to date. The passion, knowledge and ability to deliver the information in a way that was easy to digest has helped me become a better coach. My portfolio has almost tripled in size within two months since the seminar and I can hands down say that is because of the business planning and training programming provided by Coach Glossop.


England, United Kingdom

I took time off and closed my gym for a full day to attend one of Jordan’s seminars in the United Kingdom, and I can truly say it was money well spent. His knowledge and experience in the industry is outstanding. I left the seminar full of energy and drive, ready to take my training facility to the next level.


If you are in one of the cities where Jordan is delivering his seminar I couldn’t encourage you enough to attend, no matter if you have been in the industry for years, brand new or thinking about joining. Thanks Jordan for your work.

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