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Pluto Projects


Founded in 2020 by Jordan Glossop and Ian Yong, The Pluto Projects is a content production team with a mission to lift the standard of production quality within Australia. Our aim is to capture and share peoples stories in an exciting, creative style currently rare here in Australia, especially out West!

Since the day this project was just an idea till now, we have made some great progress, more recently covering the amazing story of Australian basketball legend and NBL MVP Bryce Cotton; and expanding our team of professionals to have a graphic designer and further photographers/videographers on board.

You can follow our work on our Pluto website, Instagram and YouTube accounts!


The Pluto Projects


Jordan Glossop is a full time Coach in the basketball world, supporting athletes with their performance, skills and mindset. Jordan has a passion for telling stories, videography and photography and has worked closely with creators for many years, so founding The Pluto Projects along with artist Ian Yong was only natural when the time was right. Jordan's goal is simply to raise the standard of content creation produced in Australia and help tell more athletes stories!

Ian Yong


Ian Yong has been a content creator for a number of years now in Perth and has begun travelling around Australia for work. Ian has set himself apart from the industry very quickly with his keen hunger, unique eye and his desire to produce high quality content, not settling for poor, low quality work. Ian's photography and videography is some of the best in the Australian basketball scene and is only getting better with each production. Ian Yong founded The Pluto Projects to seperate his work brand from his story telling brand.

Jack Foley Photography


Jack Foley is a first call up when ever we need a second photographer and videographer, and a key contributor in the start up of The Pluto Projects. Jack's work speaks for itself and he truly is one of the best photographers in the country. A quick look at his portfolio will help you see that!

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