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Coach Glossop Online Coaching Academy

Coach Jordan Glossop Online Program


If you can't get to Jordan in person, don't stress! You can receive Coach Glossop's S&C programming for where ever you are in the world via his online training correspondence. Every program is designed individually from scratch and customised to match your unique goals, your schedule and your facilities. As an athlete or every day person if you are looking to gain strength, power, speed, agility, improve your body composition and improve your overall performance, I am confident in providing you a program that has been tested with my work around the globe and with a number of world class athletes across multiple sports including basketball, football, volleyball, martial arts, athletics and many many more!

Your program will be designed and monitored by myself using Google Drive and Google Sheets. You will receive video instructions for all of your exercises, so that you don't have to have years of training experience or know what you are doing before you start. As soon as you record down your training data it will be live for Coach to see, meaning that you can have constant/live accountability and assessment.


Each block of training will be 4 weeks, so you will receive 3x4 week programs for your 12 week plan. Changes can and will be made mid training block if necessary. Each new block is built based on your success in the previous block and how well you are progressing through my system!

The 12 week training block is valued at $300 and can be purchased via the link below. This price is an absolute bargain to have support and access to my training systems. I can guarantee you will progress well with our work together online!

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